Charitable Bingo Operations Division

The Charitable Bingo Operations Division of the Texas Lottery Commission is responsible for regulating all aspects of licensed bingo activities. The division ensures that bingo games are conducted fairly and the proceeds are used for authorized purposes. The division consists of Licensing and Accounting Department, Compliance and Education Department, and Audit Department.

Licensing and Accounting Department

The Licensing Section processes original, renewal, temporary and amendment applications for licensed authorized organizations, lessors, manufacturers, distributors and unit accounting. All applications go through a determination process to ensure eligibility and conformance with the Bingo Enabling Act and Rules. The Licensing Section also processes applications for individuals applying to be a registered bingo worker.

The Accounting Section records quarterly reports and payments to ensure proper fees and taxes are paid. They also designate the fee allocations to local jurisdictions and the state from the prize fees collected, enforce collection actions against delinquent licensees and ensure the required charitable distributions are reported.

Compliance and Education

The Education Section provides training and information to licensees and the public. Educating our licensees on best practices and trends will increase awareness and better inform those we license. We provide online training to assist in areas important to understand and to be aware of in the industry including emphasizing the responsibilities of a licensee. Through education and training, we strive to meet overall voluntary compliance of our bingo licensees in Texas.

The Compliance Section is responsible for testing and approving bingo products used in Texas. Bingo products include bingo paper, instant and event pull tabs and electronic cardminders. Additionally, the section administers sanctions such as an administrative penalty to persons that violate the Bingo Enabling Act and/or the Charitable Bingo Administrative Rules. The objectives for applying an administrative penalty are to protect the public, encourage compliance with the Bingo Enabling Act and the Charitable Bingo Administrative Rules, deter future violations, offer opportunities for rehabilitation as appropriate, punish violators, and deter others from committing violations.

Audit Department

The Audit Department conducts audits, inspections and investigations of licensed authorized organizations, lessors, manufacturers, distributors and accounting units. The goal of these enforcement activities is to ensure compliance with the Bingo Enabling Act and the Charitable Bingo Administrative Rules. These efforts help to determine that all proceeds derived from bingo are used for a lawful purpose and charitable bingo games are conducted fairly. Audit activities are conducted in accordance with professional standards set forth in the Bingo Audit Methodology and Standards Handbook which provides a framework for performing high-quality audit work with competence, integrity, objectivity, and independence. Audit will conform to all policies and procedures of the Texas Lottery Commission.

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