Pre-Licensing Interview Training       

Welcome to the On-line Pre-License Interview. This training is required to be completed by the  Bingo Chairperson and one individual designated as an operator for any organization applying for an original annual license to conduct charitable bingo.   Although it is not mandatory, we strongly suggest that all officers, directors and all other operators for your organization take this program to better prepare your organization for the responsibilities of being licensed.

The Pre-Licensing Interview consists of three parts, Licensing, Record Keeping and Compliance. To complete this program:

  • View Parts 1, 2 and 3 of this module

  • Answer all 34 test questions (Note: There is only one correct answer per question.)

  • On the right-hand portion of the answer sheet, list any questions you have or areas where you might need clarification on. These will be reviewed and discussed with the License Examiner processing your organization’s license application.

  • Mail/Fax/E-mail completed test question answer sheet to:

Mail:    Charitable Bingo Operations Division

           ATTN: Pre-Licensing Interview

           P.O. Box 16630

           Austin , TX 78761-6630

FAX:     (512) 344-5142   /   (512) 344-5212


Pre-Licensing Interview Test Question Answer Sheet (pdf document)

Pre-Licensing Interview Training Module

Part 1 Licensing

Part 2 Record Keeping

Part 3 Compliance

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