Bingo Advisory Committee Nomination Process

At the April 12th, 2018 Commission meeting for the Texas Lottery Commission, the Commission proposed amendments to §402.102 Bingo Advisory Committee (BAC) Rule in order to update and streamline the BAC members’ eligibility and appointment procedures and requirements. The Commission initiated the rulemaking process by approving to publish the proposed rule amendments in the Texas Register and to receive public comments for a period of thirty days. A public hearing on the proposed amendments will also be held on Wednesday, May 9, 2018. The rule will be presented to the Commission for final consideration at its June meeting.

In preparation for appointments to the BAC, the Commission is soliciting nominations for members.  If you are seeking to nominate yourself or another individual to become a member of the BAC, please complete the nomination form (click here to view the form) and submit to the Commission by Friday May 25th, 2018. Please note that each nominee must meet the minimum eligibility requirements stated in TAC §402.102, including the criminal history standards in Bingo Enabling Act Sections 2001.105(b), 2001.154(a)(5), 2001.202(1), and 2001.207(1).

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