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The Texas Lottery is committed to the responsible management and sale of its games while increasing the awareness of problem gambling and available treatment resources.


The Texas Lottery is committed to generating revenue for the state of Texas through the responsible management and sale of entertaining lottery products. The Texas Lottery will incorporate the highest standard of security, integrity and responsible gaming principles. "Integrity and Responsibility" is a core value of the Texas Lottery Commission that incorporates educating retailers and the public about responsible play including identifying the signs of problem gambling and resources available for help.
By law, a person must be 18 or older (adult) to purchase a lottery ticket and it is a criminal offense to sell a ticket to an underage person. Information and education regarding playing the games of Texas responsibly has always been and continues to be a critical area of focus. This is consistent with the State Lottery Act that addresses the TLC advertising communications.

Prohibited Advertisements Restriction in the State Lottery Act

State Lottery Act § 466.110:

PROHIBITED ADVERTISEMENTS. The legislature intends that advertisements or promotions sponsored by the commission or the division for the lottery not be of a nature that unduly influences any person to purchase a lottery ticket or number.

This overarching message in the State Lottery Act permeates all aspects of the agency’s approach to marketing, advertising and product presentation. It is the basis of the agency’s principles regarding the security, integrity and responsible management of its games in the marketplace. The Texas Lottery Commission understands that the majority of players enjoy the games without issue, while for some people, gambling can become a problem.


  • Provide educational opportunities and materials supporting the awareness of problem gambling and resources for assistance.
  • Design and market games that do not unduly influence the purchase of lottery tickets.
  • Devote sufficient resources to implement the agency’s responsible gaming plan.

Resources for Help

If you or someone you know may have a gambling problem, help is available.


  1. Warning Signs
  2. FAQ
  3. Training Videos

If you are a player, retailer, friend or family, it could be helpful to know the signs of problem gambling.

Resources for Download

The Texas Lottery provides these flyers and brochures for your use as a public service.

Responsible Advertising

Texas Lottery advertising is designed to not unduly influence purchases.