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This reference section contains links to the Bingo Enabling Act, the Charitable Bingo Administrative Rules and other useful information used in the regulation of charitable bingo in Texas.

The Bingo Enabling Act is the enabling statute for Charitable Bingo in Texas.

The Charitable Bingo Administrative Rules provide access to all current Charitable Bingo Administrative Rules which guide the conduct and regulation of Charitable Bingo in Texas.

You may also obtain copies of the Act and Rules by making a written request to:

Texas Lottery Commission 
Public Information Coordinator 
P.O. Box 16630 
Austin, Texas 78761-6630 

To request public information from the Texas Lottery Commission, please submit your request via the Public Information Portal:

Please be advised that there is a charge for copies of the Act and Rules.

The Recent Texas Lottery Rulemaking Proceedings list the TLC's recent rulemaking proceedings, including both Bingo and Lottery rules.

The Bingo Advisory Opinions allow the viewer to read all TLC issued advisory opinions. As set forth in Bingo Enabling Act Section 2001.059(a)-(f) and Administrative Rule 402.101, an advisory opinion is a written response to a request concerning compliance with the Bingo Enabling Act and Administrative Rules of a particular situation.

The Legal Notice / Meetings provide information concerning meetings, meeting minutes transcripts and other legal notices.

The Charitable Raffle Enabling Act is provided as a courtesy to conductor licensees that often wish to conduct a raffle in conjunction with their bingo occasions or have questions about the legality of raffles in Texas. More information about charitable raffles may be found on the website of the Texas Office of the Attorney General.

The Dispute Resolution Request Form allows all licensees to request an informal dispute resolution conference concerning audit, licensing, or other issues as authorized by Charitable Bingo Administrative Rule 402.708.

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