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Frequently Asked Questions

Can organizations transfer money from their bingo savings account to a money market account?

Yes. It must be linked to the bingo savings account and have the same account number.

Can a bingo chairperson be paid for serving in this position?


Are there any restrictions for using discount coupons to promote bingo?

Yes. A coupon falls under the restrictions for advertising.

Must all door prizes and promotions expense come from the general fund?

No. These are permissible expenses.

What do we do with redeemed pull-tabs after the occasion?

The winning and unsold pull-tabs must be kept for four years from when the deal was taken out of play. The tabs are kept until they are destroyed in the presence of a commission employee.

Can we sell raffle tickets during our bingo occasions?

Yes. The raffle must meet the requirements of the Raffle Enabling Act, which is available on the Texas Office of the Attorney General website.

If an organization only sells electronics, how do they save cash register tapes?

The Point of Sale station (POS) for a card minder machine should be using to ring all sales. It will provide an end of session report.

Can an organization use bingo funds to renovate their building?

Yes. An organization may use funds to renovate their building, if they can prove that the facility is used for a cause or activity that is consistent with their status under 26 U.S.C. Section 501.

Our petty cash/deposit has been stolen. How do we account for this on our quarterly report?

If the petty cash is not considered bingo proceeds, then the organization does not report anything on the quarterly report. If the petty cash is considered bingo proceeds, it may be replaced from the organization’s general fund with no entry necessary on the quarterly report, or from the bingo checking account by recording the amount on line 25 – Other Expenses. The organization should maintain documentation for the transaction and deposit and appropriately record any restitution received.

If a deposit is stolen, the organization must maintain a copy of the police report in their files as well as notify the Commission who may elect to investigate the incident. Statements that capture details related to the deposit should also be maintained by the organization as supporting documentation for the theft. To document the theft, the Occasion Cash Report FORMID72 should show the stolen deposit amount as a cash shortage and the total deposit for the occasion as $0. ATTACH A COPY OF THE POLICE REPORT TO THE DAILY CASH REPORT. This cash shortage will be carried over to the Sales Journal and eventual recorded on Line 25 - Other Expenses on the Texas Bingo Quarterly Report FORMID68.

We had a burglary in which pull-tabs were stolen. How do we document this?

Entries must be made to the organization's Perpetual Inventory Log FORMID79 and Instant Bingo Purchase Log FORMID84 to remove the pull-tabs from usable inventory with a notation that the pull-tabs were stolen. In addition, a copy of the police report should be maintained in the records.

Must the Bingo Chairperson be submitted as an operator for an organization to oversee the conduct of bingo and perform the functions of an operator on duty at a bingo occasion?

No. The Bingo Chairperson can serve as an operator for a bingo occasion without being listed on the organization's bingo record as an operator. If the bingo chairperson is acting as the operator for the bingo occasion, a worker registry identification card must be worn, and their name must be listed on the Operator on Duty sign.