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Commercial License to Lease Bingo Premises  

A Commercial Lessor License is required by any person (sole owner, partnership, corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC), association, or other entity, including an organization licensed to conduct charitable bingo) that intends to lease or otherwise make available a hall or other premises to an organization licensed to conduct charitable bingo in Texas. A person who leases premises only to an organization that has been issued a non-annual temporary license does not need a commercial lessor’s license. The location of the premises must be in an area which has legalized bingo.  

Application Guide For A Commercial Lessor Bingo License

This guide is designed to assist with applying for a  Commercial Lessor Bingo License.     

Commercial Lessor Application Forms 

NOTE: This form must be submitted by a licensed authorized organization applying for a commercial lessor license who will not actively lease the premises at this time in compliance with Section 2001.152(a)(1) of the Bingo Enabling Act.  The applicant must have offered to lease the premises to one or more organization authorized to conduct bingo. 

Application Submission  

Please submit your completed application and forms, all supplemental information and the appropriate license fee to:  

By mail:  

P.O. BOX 16630  
AUSTIN, TEXAS 78761-6630  

For delivery:  

611 E. 6TH STREET  
AUSTIN, TEXAS 78701-3715  
800-BINGO-77 (800-246-4677) 

Active Licensed Commercial Lessor  

Every lessor license to lease bingo premises must file a FORMID 70 Bingo Lessor’s Quarterly Report . This form may be filed online through the bsp_logo_dark_sm Bingo Service Portal. Every Commercial Lessor, Conductor/Lessor, and Association must file a FORMID 100 Rent Receipts Detail . This form may be filed online through the bsp_logo_dark_sm Bingo Service Portal.

Quarterly Filling Periods and Due Dates

Quarterly Filing Periods and Due Dates
Quarter Bingo Occasions Held Through Report Due Date
First Quarter January, February, March April 25
Second Quarter April, May, June July 25
Third Quarter July, August, September October 25
Fourth Quarter October, November, December January 25

All Quarterly Reports can be filed on the Bingo Service Portal.

Lessor Amendment Forms

FORMID 60 Change of Mailing Address Notification

FORMID 63 Lessor License Amendment


Can building owners lease facilities to organizations to conduct charitable bingo without a license?

No. Building owners must have a license to lease bingo premises even if they intend to charge no rent unless the organization is conducting bingo under a temporary license.

Can I receive one check from the organizations for rent and expenses?

Rent must be paid in a lump sum. Utilities, taxes, insurance, and other expenses may be paid separately.