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Where may our organization conduct bingo?

A licensed authorized organization may conduct bingo in the county of their primary business office or an adjacent county.

We no longer play bingo. What do we do with the funds in our bingo account?

If an organization that has ceased to conduct bingo has unexpended bingo funds, they shall disburse those funds before the end of the next quarter after the quarter in which the organization ceases to conduct bingo.

We no longer play bingo. Can we sell / donate equipment, unused paper, pull-tabs? How do we destroy equipment or supplies?

Any remaining, unopened bingo supplies and equipment may be returned to the distributor for a refund. You may also request written permission from the CBOD to sell or donate supplies or equipment to a licensed organization. Only a licensed authorized organization may request to sell supplies and/or Equipment to another licensed authorized organization. Supplies or equipment that cannot be returned, sold, or donated, can only be destroyed in the presence of a commission employee.

Why can't we drop applications off at the regional offices? Why can't the regional office give me my license?

The regional offices are not set up to receive applications and fees. All licenses are issued and printed at Commission headquarters in Austin.

We did not receive our temporary license. Today is Tuesday and the game is Wednesday. Can you fax a copy of the license? Can I play without it?

We do not fax licenses. The Bingo Chairperson may log-on to the Bingo Service Portal and print the license once it has been processed.

Can I get copies of previously filed quarterly reports or copies of applications for my organization that I have misplaced?

Yes. Quarterly report information and applications are available through the Bingo Service Portal. If you need a copy of an application (renewal, amendment, temporary license, etc.), you will need to make a Public Information Request, in writing.

Is there a limit on how much money an organization can have in its bingo account?

Yes. The account is not to exceed $50,000.

Can I change the previous proceeds undistributed on my quarterly report; it is not even close to the balance in my checkbook? 

Yes. You may send in an amended return. If you have reconciled your bingo checking account and savings account (if you have a bingo savings account) and added your petty cash as of the end of the previous quarter, you may enter this amount on your current report, with a notation to the left of the amount entered, explaining the reason for the change.

Can we pay for door prizes from the bingo account?

A door prize, a giveaway, or any promotion may be paid from the bingo account only if it can be shown that the promotion financially benefited the organization or unit. If not, it must come from non-bingo funds.

How much must I pay workers, callers, and cashiers?

There is no limit on wages for callers, cashiers, and ushers; however, you may only pay what is "reasonable or necessary."

May I pull a box of instant bingo pull-tabs before the entire box is sold out?

An organization may not withdraw a deal of pull-tab bingo tickets from play until the entire deal is completely sold out or all winning pull-tab bingo tickets of $25.00 prize winnings or more have been redeemed, or the bingo occasion ends.

What is the required Bingo Training Program? 

All Bingo Chairpersons, Designated Agents and Unit Manager must complete the Bingo Training Program online on the Bingo Service Portal. A certificate of completion from the Bingo Training Program is valid for two years.

Our Bingo Chairperson is unavailable. Can we play bingo tonight?

The Bingo Chairperson is not required to be at the playing location while bingo is conducted. Another member who has been appointed as an operator must be present during the bingo session. These individuals must be listed on the organization's bingo record and the Registry of Approved Bingo Workers. 

If the organization has not designated any other operators and the Bingo Chairperson who is serving as the organization’s operator is not available, the organization may not conduct bingo.

Why was the renewal of my license held up because of an operator’s background check?

Every director, officer and operator of an organization holding a bingo license is required to undergo a background check conducted by the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS). This background check can take 1-30 days processing time. A license may not be issued or renewed without all personnel having passed a background check. If an individual is disqualified, the organization will be notified.

Since the Charitable Bingo website is so important to keeping licensed charities informed and in regulatory compliance; Would it be a legitimate bingo expense to have our organization buy a computer and/or contract for internet services?

Yes. The purchase of a computer and/or internet access would be a reasonable or necessary bingo expense if the computer and internet services were used exclusively for maintenance of bingo records, access to the bingo website, downloading bingo forms, and other official bingo business.