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QUICKTICKET cards contain pre-printed Quick Pick numbers under a scratch surface. QUICKTICKETs are available at $4 (2 plays) and $10 (5 plays) for both Powerball and Mega Millions. All plays are Cash Value Option.

QUICKTICKET is not valid until activated by retailer’s cash register system. You should check receipt to ensure QUICKTICKET has been activated at time of purchase. Sign your QUICKTICKET before claiming.

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1. BUY

QUICKTICKET for the next available drawing.

(Only available at participating retail locations.)


Cash register receipt to confirm QUICKTICKET activation.


To reveal your Quick Pick numbers.


texaslottery.com to confirm your draw date and get results information.

You can also call 800-375-6886 or use the Texas Lottery® App to confirm the draw date for your QUICKTICKET. Then, after the drawing occurs, use the app to see if you are a winner!